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Woojin Engineering is a South Korean-based manufacturer and supplier of customized auto parts manufacturing machines and automotive assembly lines that produce automotive parts for exhaust systems, chassis, auto bodies, front and rear suspension systems, steering systems and testing equipment.

Woojin Engineering supplies complete end-to-end solutions from design to installation of auto parts manufacturing machinery and automotive assembly lines to top automobile brands worldwide.

The diversity of Woojin's auto parts manufacturing machine lines range from low-volume, stand-alone auto parts manufacturing machines for job shops to complete turn-key auto parts manufacturing machine systems tailored to fully automated, large scale, high-volume production assembly lines in the auto parts manufacturing machine market.

Woojin is a Worldwide Supplier of Leading Automotive Parts Manufacturing Machinery, Equipment and Assembly Lines

Check out why Woojin’s client list includes some of the world’s top automotive parts suppliers such as: Delphi (USA); Sejong industries, Sejung Co.,Ltd (Hyundai); Wooshin Industry (Kia Motor); Tenneco; DAIHEN; KDAC; GM Daewoo Motor; and Renault Samsung.

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Woojin serves clients in the US, Europe, Japan, India, South Korea, and China.

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Automotive part manufacturing machines
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