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Woojin Engineering is a custom manufacturer of machines for auto parts manufacturing machines. Woojin specializes in auto parts manufacturing machines, machinery for making truck and bus mufflers, automated auto machine tools, fixtures and testing equipment for automotive exhaust systems, automotive chassis component manufacturers, and auto parts manufacturing. Based in South Korea, our design and auto parts manufacturing machines provide complete end-to-end customer solutions from concept development through after-sales service: including training; maintenance; and re-tooling. Woojin protects their customers’ investment by providing full support throughout the entire equipment life cycle.

Established in 1989, Woojin has experience supplying a wide variety of auto parts manufacturing machines for market-leading customers. We have two automotive machinery groups including:

 manufacturing complete automotive exhaust systems


  • Complete automotive robotic exhaust systems welding machines;
  • Automotive muffler jacket forming and seaming machines;
  • Automotive catalytic converter stuffing machines;
  • Automotive tube end forming machines;
  • Roll & Seam Welding Machine for Automotive Muffler Jackets


 manufacturing automotive chassis components, testing & inspection equipment


  • Automotive front and rear suspension assembly lines;
  • Vibratory bowl fed synchronous steering column assembly lines with container palletizing systems;
  • Automotive axle driver axle quality assurance systems
  • Air conditioning EVA Stacking lines;


Our automotive parts manufacturing machines allow for tight integration with other manufacturer’s machines, and address the trend of increased variety at lower volumes in today’s automotive manufacturing program life cycles.


Supplier of State-of-the-Art Automotive Parts Manufacturing Machines

Woojin’s environment is state-of-the-art and encompasses a wide range of auto machine tools and skills to meet the demands of today’s auto parts manufacturing machine processes. Woojin professionals are versatile and can select the best tool -- whether manual or fully automated, robotic or hard tooled – depending on the customer application and how best to maximize ROI.

Tooling, end-effectors, and programming is modularized for quick changeovers, and often this is automated to minimize downtime. All Woojin auto parts manufacturing machines are designed, built and certified to the customer’s local health and safety, environmental, and electrical regulations. All components, build standards, documentation, and drawings are supplied in accordance to customer specification to realize minimum possible service and maintenance downtime.


Woojin’s Customers | Leading Auto Parts Manufacturers

World-class, long standing repeat South Korean customers such as Sejong Industrial Co., Dongwon Precision, and Korean Delphi Automotive Systems demonstrate our quality, reliability and service commitment to ensure our customers’ success. More recent international customers such as Tenneco, EMCON (formerly ArvinMeritor), and Faurecia demonstrate the value and innovation we can deliver for evolving auto parts manufacturing machinery technology.


Woojin Understands How to Keep Automotive Manufacturing Costs Down

Our goal is to provide the best possible quality equipment and service at a competitive price. We take a painstaking approach in understanding our customer’s requirements.  In order to deliver the best value for our customers we think through our customers’ current and future needs, invest heavily in research and development and advanced engineering technology to find optimum business solutions. This approach fosters a culture of continuous innovation, cost-effective auto parts manufacturing practices, as well as numerous patents and industry firsts.


Shorter Lead Times | Lower Cost | First Roll & Seam Welding Machine Supplier

Our comparative labor advantage makes us a cost competitive world supplier of auto parts manufacturing machines, and our customers benefit from favorable acquisition costs.  Our innovative design and manufacturing methods enable us to provide lead times that are competitive with – and many times better than -- North American suppliers.  Examples of our technical innovations include the world’s first roll and seam welding (resistance) production method we developed muffler jackets, and a special, fully automated steering column assembly line.


Innovative Auto Parts manufacturing Machine Design | ISO Certified | Global Supplier & Exporter

Since 1989, Woojin Engineering’s highly skilled team have demonstrated excellence in engineering and manufacture of auto parts machine tool and automotive automation projects. From our modest beginnings providing automation equipment we’ve built a reputation for offering innovative customer solutions in the automotive industry. Our core expertise resides with a growing team of over 60 seasoned design and deployment employees, each with an average of ten years experience within our firm. They have played a key role in our ISO9001, and ISO14001 certifications. Our management expertise and strong capitalization enables our long-term commitment to supply, service, and support our customers. Our 22,000 sq. ft. facility consists of state of the art machinery, bolstered by a strong network of subcontract specialty suppliers which increases our effective manufacturing capacity seven-fold. Our development of a responsive North American service network, and sales presence demonstrates our commitment to customers in the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico.


We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and auto parts manufacturing machines for you.   Please contact us today!

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