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Flange-Up Muffler Machines | Automotive Muffler Flanging Machinery Supplier

Woojin is a premier supplier and exporter of flange-up resonator and muffler flanging machinery and equipment that will give your automobile, truck and bus exhaust system manufacturing operation the edge over the competition. Contact us for full specs and costs for our automotive muffler flanging machines.

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Automotive Flange Up Muffler Machines

Automotive Flange Up Muffler Machines


Woojin's flanging muffler machinery is used for two manufacturing processes related to vehicle exhaust systems. The first process is to form concentric jackets and spot weld in conjuction with the lock seam / roll & spot / roll & seaming machine into the required shape such as round, oval, rectangular or trianglular.

The second manufacturing process is to flange-up the jackets by flanging at the ends of the muffler jackets. The flange-up mufffler machine is powered by hydraulic cylinders.  A vertically mounted hydraulic cylinder moves a specially designed 'up-down' mould to form jackets into the required shape and the 'up-down' mould clamps.

Two horizontally mounted hydraulic cylinders move two specially designed side tools which provides precision flanging at both ends of the final muffler product. 


of Woojin Muffler Flanging Machine 


of Woojin Muffler Flanging MAchine

TYPE  of Muffler Flanging Machine
80 (in profile)
200 (in length)
400 (in profile)
1000 (in length)
Flange Up Muffler Machines

Muffler Flanging Manufacturing Machinery for Cars, Trucks and Buses

Flange Up Muffler Machines

Muffler Flanging Manufacturing Machines for Cars, Trucks and Buses

Flange Up Muffler Machines

Muffler Flanging Manufacturing Machines for Cars, Buses and Trucks



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