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Exhaust System Hydraulic Piercing and Hydraulic Burring Machines

Supplier of Hydraulic Piercing & Burring Machinery and Equipment

Woojin is a global supplier of Automated Hydraulic Piercing and Burring Machines and Equipment for vehicle exhaust system component manufacturing for mufflers, tubes, and jackets. Give us a call today and learn how our piercing and burring machines for automotive muffler and exhaust manufacturing systems and give you the competitive edge in todays market.

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Automotive Piercing and Burring Machine

Automotive Piercing and Burring Machine

Hydraulic Piercing & Burring Machines for Exhaust Systems

In special types of mufflers, tubes are connected by welding not to end caps (baffles) but to the side of the muffler jackets. To make holes (piercing), in the side of jackets, the Woojin hydraulic piercing press is used. Woojin's hydraulic piercing and hydraulic burring machines provide easy and stable welding at one end of a pipe to one side of the jacket after 'a burring process'. A special tool powered by a hydraulic press makes 'burring figures' on the jackets for fast, efficient and solid welding.

Piercing and Burring Machine

Hydraulic Piercing and Burring Machines for Automotive Exhaust System Components


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