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Woojin Engineering | Automotive Manufacturing Machines, Machine Tools and Automation Machinery

Woojin Engineering, is one of South Korea’s most highly regarded automotive manufacturing machines, machine tool and automation suppliers. For almost two decades, Woojin has supplied production machinery to the country’s largest Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers of automotive exhaust systems, automotive chassis and automotive structural body, automotive steering and axle manufacturers. Our range of products is tailored to the application, from turn-key multi-station automated assembly lines with robotic welding for high volume production to stand-alone manual specialty machines for final inspection or for R&D testing.

Our strengths include excellence in engineering; utilization of advanced manufacturing technologies, high quality, excellent lead times and unsurpassed service. Our low comparative labor rates allow our customers to significantly reduce their investments. Most of our engineering team each has over a decade of expertise at Woojin, which has resulted in several patents and world first’s in assembly systems.

Woojin Engineering | Automotive Machine Tool and Automation Machinery

Woojin Engineering’s automotive manufacturing machinery, machine tool and automation solutions are supported by a growing field support team in North America, Europe and Asia.  Comprehensive technical advice and help is available via the telephone, internet or on-site in person depending on the circumstances and requirements.

Technical Help and Ideas from a World Leader

When it comes to making automotive exhaust systems, automotive chassis, automotive structural body systems, automotive steering and automotive axle manufacturing systems things can get complicated very quickly. That’s why it pays to discuss your technical and service needs with someone who understands and can offer insightful and valuable advice.

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