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Integrated Robot Welding Machines | Muffler Manufacturing Robots

Heavy Duty Resonator & Muffler Making Robots

Woojin’s is a supplier of integrated robot welding machines and equipment. Woojin manufacturing welding robots provide precision, low cost production for unmanned environments with sophisticated robotic welding machinery and handling robots to manufacture heavy duty resonators, mufflers and other automotive exhaust components. Explore Woojin and learn why we are the global supplier of choice when it comes to integrated robot welding machinery, equipment, and assembly lines for heavy duty exhaust system manufacturing.

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Integrated Robot Welding Machine | Automotive

Integrated Robot Welding Machine | Automotive


Robot Welding Assembly Lines | Robot Welding Machinery

Woojin's unmanned robot welding assembly lines and robot welding machines are a preferred choice when it comes to producing automotive resonators, mufflers and other exhaust sytem components. Woojin's advanced robot welding machines and handling robots work cooperatively in one integrated system.

Integrated Robot Welding Machine

Integrated Robot Welding Machines & Assembly Lines for Heavy Duty Resonators | Mufflers


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