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Automotive Muffler Ridge Lock Machines | Supplier

Vertical & Horizontal Type Muffler Ridge Lock Machines

Woojin's Muffler Ridge Lock Machines automate and speed the process of combining baffles and tubes - without a welding machine -- to make sub assemblies for automotive and heavy vehicle exhaust systems. For the clear choice in automotive muffler ridge lock machinery give us a call and let our staff show you how this incredible machines can work for your operation.

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Automotive Ridge Lock Machines

Automotive Ridge Lock Machines


Woojin's Ridge Locking Machines | Supplier

To make automotive exhaust system sub assemblies of baffles; baffles and tubes need to be combined into one body. In many cases, welding processes are applied to make a secure combination. These days however, Woojin's ridge locking machine often replaces traditional welding machines for this process. The Woojin Ridge Locking Machine and related equipment makes ridges on the surfaces of tubes and the ridges hold the baffles snuggly around them. Explore Woojin's Ridge Lock Machines and find out how your production facility can gain productivity!

Woojin offers two versions of it's automotive ridge locking machines: vertical type and horizontal type.

Automotive Ridge Lock Machines

Automotive Muffler Ridge Lock Machines | Horizontal Type

Automotive Ridge Lock Machines

Automotive Muffler Ridge Lock Machines | Vertical Type

Muffler Ridge Lock Machine

Automotive Muffler Ridgelock Machines | Horizontal

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